The Medina of Fes

The Medina of Fes

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The medina of Fes (called Fès el-Bali) is the oldest and largest in all of Morocco and even North Africa. Dating back to the 9th century, the medina spans 1200 years of history. The old medina is a seductive labyrinth in which you are sure to get lost. But it is an experience to walk through these medieval alleys (The medina consists of 9400 alleys!). Due to its historical significance and cultural importance, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can wander, shop and take pictures endlessly in the Medina. Take plenty of time to get to know the ingenious street pattern, which can be done on your own or accompanied by a guide. In most Riads and hotels you can book a tour. It is good to know that Talaa Seghira and Talaa Kebira are the two main streets in the medina. The two main streets are easily recognizable because they are somewhat wider and busier than all the alleys. You will also find most of the shops and restaurants in these streets. It helps enormously if you know where they are to find your way around the medina. By means of colored markings you can follow the route of your choice. You have to pay close attention here, the markings often hang quite high on the wall.

Opening hours:

The Medina is basically always open, but some gates of the Medina close at 7:00 PM. Most shops are closed in the evening. The restaurants will stay open longer!

Photographer: Lars Meijer

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips worth knowing before you visit the Medina of Fes!

  • Strayed? Ask store or restaurant owners how to get back to your destination. Keep in mind that many other people will try to scam you, helping you with clues to receive money at the end. Don’t fall for this!!
  • People, especially young people, often offer to show you the way in the medina. Make it clear that you do not want this and if you do want help, agree on a price in advance of around 5 to 10 dirhams depending on the distance.
  • Take a Riad or Hotel in the Medina itself. This is better as some of the gates of the medina close after 07:00 PM which can cause problems getting back to a hotel outside the walls of the medina.
  • The Talaa Seghira and Talaa Kebira are the two main streets in the medina.
Photographer: Lars Meijer

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