Altstadt, Cologne

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If you love historical churches and museums and come to Cologne, Altstadt is the place to visit. The Altstadt is Cologne’s oldest district, located on the west bank of the Rhine. Although a large part of the city centre was destroyed by bombing in World War II, the section between Alter Markt and the Rhine was thoroughly restored afterwards. This has led to a distinction being made inside Cologne’s central district (Innenstadt) between the old historic centre (Altstadt) and the newer part (Neustadt).

In the Altstadt, you will find rustic narrow streets with traditional old houses and the famous Cologne Cathedral and the Great St. Martin. These streets are photogenic and therefore attract many visitors. 

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HohenzollernBrücke, Cologne

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If you come to Cologne, be sure to take a walk across the Hohenzollerbrücke, a railway and pedestrian bridge over the Rhine named after the Hohenzollern family that ruled Germany up to and including the 1918 revolution. Unfortunately, like almost every bridge in Germany, this beautiful bridge was not spared during the bombings of World War II. After it was rebuilt, they decided to ban cars so that now only pedestrians and trains can use it. It is Cologne’s most famous bridge and well worth a visit.

It is a draw for couples who like to immortalise their love on a padlock on the railing of the bridge, just like so many bridges in Europe, love locks are hung here which you also see in other European cities like Paris. It is even said, that the locks collectively now weigh more than two tonnes.

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Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral, Köln

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Cologne has as many as 240 churches in total, including 12 large Romanesque cathedrals. Old Cologne Cathedral or Kölner Dom is undoubtedly the most famous and eye-catching. The Cathedral is considered a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Despite heavy bombing, Cologne Cathedral survived both world wars almost unscathed and is more than 765 years old and now added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

For stunning views, climb Cologne Cathedral. The climb to the top is a whopping 509 steps, a hefty climb, but well worth it for the view. This is the largest cathedral in Germany and even one of the largest cathedrals in the whole of Europe. This makes it the most visited landmark in all of Germany, as Cologne Cathedral is visited by 20,000 people daily.

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