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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. The city is located in the west of the Western Peninsula. In our opinion, the four most famous sights to do or see are the Petronas Twin Towers, Merdeka Square, Central Market and the Petaling Street Market. Are you planning to visit Kuala Lumpur? See all our recommendations below!

Our recommendations:

Petronas Twin Towers

A visit to Kuala Lumpur is not complete without a visit to the famous Petronas Twin Towers. In fact, we would almost say that a visit to Malaysia is not complete without visiting them. They are an icon of not just the city, but the entire country, and are designed to be just that…

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Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square, also known as Dataran Merdeka, is located just outside the center of Kuala Lumpur, just behind the popular Chinatown district. The square has great symbolic significance as Malaysia declared its independence…

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Central Market

The Central Market in Kuala Lumpur is highly recommended, it is an old building, but very colorful and fascinating. The Market should certainly not be missed during your visit to Kuala Lumpur. The Central Market was once a wet market (selling fresh fish, meat and other…

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Petaling Street Market

Petaling Street Market is an indoor market in the China Town area of Kuala Lumpur, near other attractions such as KL Central Market and Sri Mahamariamman Temple. Today it is called Chinatown because of the original commercial heart of old Kuala Lumpur…

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