🇸🇪 The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace, Stockholm

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The Royal Palace of Stockholm is also called Stockholms Slot and is located on the island of Gamla Stan. The palace was largely built during the 18th century in the Italian Baroque style. Although no one lives here anymore, it is the official residence of the King of Sweden.  

The Royal palace has more than 600 rooms and contains 5 museums. Sweden’s most famous and oldest museum housed here is the: Livrustkammaren (The Royal Armoury museum). With 600 different rooms, this palace is one of the largest in the world. On your visit, see the reception rooms with beautiful interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries, the ‘Rikssalen’ with Queen Kristina’s silver throne, the ‘Ordenssalarna’ and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities and much more.

Witness the changing of the guard, which, like at London’s Buckingham Palace, takes place here with great grandeur.

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🇸🇪 Explore the metro stations 

Explore the metro stations, Stockholm

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If you visit Stockholm, be sure to travel by metro! Stockholm’s extensive metro network, has been built since 1950 and now has more than 140 km of length and 100 different metro stations. More than 90 of these stations have been transformed into true works of art by artists and all have a unique look. One of the most beautiful metro stops is Kungsträdgarden. In fact, here you will find the longest underground exhibition in the world. The station was built in an artificial cave and painted by Ulrik Samuelson.

You can discover the most beautiful stations me bright colours, mosaics, sculptures and paintings just by buying a metro ticket and looking around carefully when boarding and changing trains. Thanks to the many works of art, travelling from A to B here is anything but a punishment.

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🇸🇪 Take a Fika 

Take a Fika, Stockholm

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Fika is a Swedish ritual that stands for nothing more than coffee with some goodies. In Sweden, Fika does not mean having a quick cup of coffee, but rather taking time for each other and relaxing with your coffee. Immerse yourself in the world of coffee & fika. Stockholm has plenty of hippy coffee shops, tasty bakeries with some sweetness where you can drink coffee like the best of them. Go for example for a hot cappuccino with kanelbullar (sweet cinnamon rolls), but äppelkaka or a well-stuffed smörgås is definitely also an option.

If you are in Stockholm, the daily fika cannot be missed!

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🇸🇪 Vasa Museum  

Vasa Museum , Stockholm

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The Vasa Museum is one of the most famous sights in Stockholm. The museum is built entirely around the ship the Vasa. Until the 1960s, it lay on the seabed, but is now on display at the Vasa Museum. The ship is 69 metres long and more than 95% of it is original and decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures. With three magnificent protruding masts protruding through the museum’s roof, the museum can be seen from afar.

The ship was commissioned by King Gustav in the 17th century to stop foreign invaders. It never served that purpose, as Vasa sank shortly after its launch. Some 333 years later, in 1961, the ship was brought to the surface and restored to its former state. Today, the Vasa is the only 17th-century ship in the world still preserved in its entirety and therefore the best-visited museum in Scandinavia, with more than a million visitors a year.

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🇸🇪 Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm

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On the island of Kungsholmen, right opposite Gamla Stan, in the Old Town is the iconic City Hall. The city hall has three spires and was designed by architect Ragnar Östberg. Climb the 106-metre tower of the city hall to the top and enjoy the fantastic views across Stockholm. Getting to the top does take a few steps, but the view makes it all more than worth it. From the top, you can clearly see that Stockholm is made up of several islands. All the water surrounding the islands and the church towers rising above the buildings complete the city of Stockholm.

Built in red brick, the iconic building is supported by a long colonnade. The halls inside are beautifully decorated. The City Hall hosts the world-famous Nobel banquet every year. After dinner in the Blue Hall, Nobel laureates, Royal Highnesses and guests go dancing in the magnificent golden hall.

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🇸🇪 Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

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Gamla Stan ‘the Old Town’ is the historic heart of Stockholm and one of the largest and best-preserved medieval city centres in Europe. Everything in Gamla Stan and the adjacent island of Riddarholmen is best compared to an open-air museum that you can stroll through at your leisure. It is a medieval city full of colourful facades and ancient monuments. In summer, Gamla Stan is reminiscent of the centre of a Spanish city in terms of architecture and atmosphere. You will find many tourist shops, but also authentic specialist shops and cosy cafés.

Famous sights found in Stockholm’s old town include the Royal Palace, Storkyrkan cathedral and Stortorget square. You cannot leave the city without having seen this district, as this is definitely one of Stockholm’s highlights.

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