Jameson Distillery Bow St.

Jameson Distillery Bow St., Dublin

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The most famous Irish Whiskey is probably Jameson. Are you a real whiskey enthusiast or someone who is very interested in how whiskey is brewed? Go to the old distillery on Bow street, the Jameson Distillery. Unfortunately, the whiskey is no longer made here, but it is still nice to visit the Jameson Distillery. You can take a tour here and learn everything about the Jameson Whiskey or take a tasting arrangement and see which Jameson Whiskey you like best!

During a tour you will not only learn about the Irish whiskey tradition. You get a special insight into the history of the brand and the distillation process. You will get an insight into the production process and afterwards you will of course receive a glass of Jameson to taste. 

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Book of Kells

The Library (Book of Kells), Dublin

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The most beautiful library in Europe is located in Dublin on the grounds of the Trinity College. The 16th century, Dublin’s oldest university is located on the edge of the city center and you can easily visit the campus. The Trinity College Library is over 300 years old and houses thousands of books, including The Book of Kells, which was written some 1,200 years ago.

The Long Room is a library like in the movies: a gigantic room with dusty bookcases that reach to the ceiling. Because this library is also a legal deposit, it contains a total of about 4.5 million printed books and manuscripts, including the Book of Kells, a well-preserved manuscript from 800 AD with beautiful calligraphy. The book is part of the bible created by monks in the 9th century. The drawings are very special, refined and sometimes even colored with semi-precious stones. The Book of Kells, is one of the most special sights in Dublin.

You do have to buy a ticket to see the library, the rest of the university grounds are public.

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Temple bar (District)

Temple bar Pub and district, Dublin

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The most famous area of Dublin is the Temple Bar district, a lively area where Irish pubs dominate the street scene. If there’s one thing the Irish are good at, it’s bubbling. From about three o’clock it starts to get busy on the terraces and on the sidewalk in front of the pubs. Here you can drink beers and eat typical Irish pub food. You don’t have a drink here with a glass of wine, but with oysters and Guinness. Most pubs in the Temple bar district offer that golden combination.

The most famous pub in this district is The Temple Bar Pub itself. The Temple Bar Pub is a proud family-owned pub in the heart of Dublin City. It’s famous for its unrivaled craic & service, incredible traditional Irish Music all day everyday and its vast whiskey and beer collections.

In addition to the pubs, you will also find the necessary cultural and creative initiatives here. Nice art shops, vintage shops and you can visit the Gallery of Photography, the Irish Film Institute and the Temple Bar Gallery. It is touristy, but listening to live music in the Irish pub is one of the highlights of Dublin.

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Trinity College

Trinity College, Dublin

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When you are in Dublin, you should definitely visit Trinity College, the university of the city. It is Ireland’s most beautiful university and one of Britain’s oldest universities. The Trinity College is a high-ranking university renowned for academic excellence. Entry to the programmes is competitive, and based on academic merit.

The University of Dublin was built in 1592 by order of Queen Elizabeth I of England and is located on the edge of the city centre. The campus grounds are free and easy to visit. As soon as you walk around here, you follow in the footsteps of famous Irish writers such as Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde, who walked here. Especially the old library is impressive to visit.

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