Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square, Budapest

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One of Budapest’s most impressive squares is Heroes’ Square. This square, created in 1896 to celebrate the thousandth anniversary of the Hungarian “land name” and located at the end of Andrássy Boulevard, is dominated by the Millennium Monument.

The millennium monument consists of a tall column with the archangel Gabriel on top holding Hungary’s national symbols. In front of the column are the statues of seven Hungarian chieftains. In the semicircle are statues of famous Hungarians and heroes of Hungarian history. Heroes’ Square is not to be missed when in Budapest.

If you go on a Saturday or Sunday in spring or summer, you’ll see a lot of Hungarian families having picnics and resting in the shaded areas of this magnificent green space.

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Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest

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The Fisherman’s Bastion on Castle Hill is one of the most beautiful buildings in Budapest. This fairytale-like structure was built in honour of Budapest’s 1000th anniversary at the end of the 19th century as a panoramic terrace. Made with white natural stone walls, full of stairs, arcades and seven fairy white towers overlooking the whole city.

It is a real eye-catcher with its colourful and unique roof decorated with majolica tiles. Walk around this imposing Fisherman’s Bastion and be sure to take a look inside. It is very photogenic and one of the best things to do in Budapest. The Fishermen’s Bastion is open to the public all day and is free of charge.

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St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest

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St Stephen’s Basilica is the largest church in Budapest. The dome of St Stephen’s Basilica is almost 100 metres high and is the tallest building in Budapest. Stephen’s Basilica was given this name in memory of Stephen I of Hungary, the country’s first king. The temple houses the Holy Right Hand of Stephen, one of Hungary’s holiest relics.  

Entry to the basilica is free, but a donation of HUF 200 is recommended at the door. Occasionally, concerts are also held inside the basilica. Tickets for St Stephen’s Basilica can be bought on the right side of the church. Buy a combi ticket so that you can also visit the dome. The dome can be reached by stairs and gives you a great view of the city to enjoy. The domes inside might remind you a bit of Vatican City in Rome.

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Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest

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Budapest is the city of thermal baths. The largest thermal baths complex in all of Europe, is also in Budapest, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Today, the complex has 3 outdoor and 15 indoor baths. The many underground thermal springs have ensured that there are dozens of themed baths in Budapest, spread all over the city. The water is supplied by two thermal springs with a temperature of 74 °C and 77 °C, so it is always nice and warm!

Széchenyi Thermal Bath has a rooftop thermal bath from which you can enjoy stunning views of Budapest. Go here early in the morning and you will see the city slowly waking up. That this is one of the main attractions in Budapest is easily inferred from the large crowds that are often present.

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