Prague Castle   

Prague Castle, Prague

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A visit to Prague Castle should definitely not be missed. Prague Castle is one of Prague’s most famous landmarks. This hilltop palace complex dates back to the year 880 and is one of the largest castles in the world, it is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest castle in the world. Additions have been made over the centuries, so you’ll find different architectural styles mixed together here.

St Vitus Cathedral, with its Gothic architecture, is the real eye-catcher. The popular ‘Golden Alley’ gives you an inside look at former worker’s cottages where goldsmiths lived, among others, from which this alley owes its name. When visiting the castle, also walk through the impressive palace gardens below Prague Castle.

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Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge, Prague

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Charles Bridge is one of Prague’s main attractions. The Charles Bridge crosses the river, the Vltava, and is the main link between the Old Town and the Malá Strana district.

Since 1683, the bridge has been characterised by several beautiful Gothic statues of holy figures on both sides of the bridge. They say: if you touch these statues, you would one day return to Prague. The bridge is not only home to statues, but nowadays also hosts numerous street performers and stalls where you can buy jewellery and paintings, among other things.

During your visit to Prague, walking across the bridge is really a must, so it is definitely one of the best Prague tips!

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Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock, Prague

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The extraordinary astronomical clock stands in Prague’s Old Town Square. The clock is an intricate 600-year-old piece of machinery called the Orloj. The colorful medieval clock is one of the most famous sights in Prague. Every whole hour, the square fills up with people wanting to admire how Jesus emerges with his apostles from the shutters above the clock. This ingenious timepiece shows the time and position of the sun and moon.

The story goes that the man who made the clock was eventually blinded by the client. This was to prevent him from replicating this beautiful clock anywhere else in the world. Nevertheless, a replica of this impressive clock now stands in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

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Old Town Square

Old Town Square, Prague

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Old Town Square (Staroměstské Náměstí) is the centre of historic Prague and one of the best-preserved city squares in Europe. Surrounding the square are all kinds of beautiful historical sights such as the Council House, the 14th-century Týn Church and the extraordinary astronomical clock. This old town square was built some 700 years ago and it, along with the rest of Prague’s historic centre, has long been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.  

Today, you can still find beautiful historical architecture and the square is full of cosy terraces. Regular events are held here, such as a big Christmas market in December. Along the square you will also find quite a few tents selling Trdelnik, a traditional sweet treat. Dough is wrapped around a stick and baked over the fire. Then sugar or cinnamon is sprinkled on top, but there are also Trdelnik filled with Nutella. You must try one!

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