Parc Du Cinquantenaire

Parc Du Cinquantenaire, Brussels

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Parc Du Cinquantenaire (Cinquantenaire Park) is definitely not to be missed if you want to visit the most beautiful sights and places in Brussels. It is a vast expanse of beautiful gardens, dotted with historical monuments and fascinating museums.

The most eye-catching feature of Parc Du Cinquantenaire is the Triumphal Arch with three archways and the bronze statue of a chariot pulled by four horses. The park is also home to the Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military History. Near the museum is also the park’s Arc de Triomphe. Where you have an amazing view of Brussels. The Belgian version is way bigger than Paris’ Arc de Triomphe!

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Manneken Pis  

Manneken Pis, Brussels

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It looks a bit strange, but Manneken Pis (peeing boy) is one of the most popular sights in Brussels among locals and foreign tourists alike. The statue itself, may be a bit disappointing, but the stories surrounding Manneken Pis are fun. Manneken Pis is about 55.5 cm tall and has been through a lot.

The statue was originally created in 1619. Unfortunately, Manneken Pis was regularly kidnapped and damaged over the years. That is why the current version of the statue is safely behind bars and dates back to 1965. As a result, several copies were made and the original Manneken Pis now ‘lives’ in the Bread House on the Grote Markt.

Manneken Pis has an official employee. This is Manneken Pis’ dresser, the one who picks and puts on his costumes. And it has to, because the little guy has more than 1,200 costumes in his closet. And some 20-30 new costumes are added every year.

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Atomium, Brussels

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The most famous landmark and icon of Brussels is the Atomium. Designed for the Expo World Fair in 1958, this remarkable structure is still one of Brussels’ main attractions. Today, the Atomium functions as a museum. This futuristic building represents an accurate representation of an iron molecule. The only difference is that this monument is a whopping 165 billion times larger. Some 600,000 tourists visit the Atomium every year, and for good reason – it is an extraordinary structure.

The monument is located in Heysel Park (Heizelpark) in the west of the city. Het is zowel van buiten als van binnen een imposant bouwwerk. At the top of the Atomium is a restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner and have a viewing platform where you can enjoy stunning 360-degree views of Brussels.

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The Grand Place (Grote Markt)

The Grand Place (Grote Markt), Brussels

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The Grand Place is Brussels’ central square and not to be missed during your city break. The historic square forms the heart of the city and is surrounded by the Town Hall and the Bread House, which are beautiful buildings with an interesting history. In earlier years, people with the same profession gathered there to meet and eat.

There is so much to see in the Grand Place that you don’t know where to look first. On some days, a flower market is organised and during the Christmas period, the square is festively decorated. The square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a draw for tourists from all over the world. 

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