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Antwerp is the largest city in Belgium and the capital of Antwerp Province in the Flemish Region. In our opinion, the four most famous sights to do or see are The Grote Markt, Antwerp central Station, Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady and the Steen Castle. Are you planning to visit Antwerp? See all our recommendations below!

Our recommendations:

Grote Markt

The most famous square in Antwerp is undoubtedly the Grote Markt. It is one of the most beautiful town squares in Europe. Around the Grote Markt you will find several cosy cafés and restaurants. Above all, admire the 16th and 17th century guild houses which…

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Antwerp Central Station

Antwerp’s most famous building is undoubtedly the Central Station and is considered one of the most beautiful stations in the world, even nicknamed the Railway Cathedral. With its nickname as Railway Cathedral, you know that Antwerp’s railway station is not…

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Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady

Standing on Groenplaats, you cannot avoid the Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kathedraal), this magnificent cathedral standing in the heart of Antwerp. The cathedral’s tower is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, but the rest of the building is…

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Het Steen Castle

Steen Castle, the hotspot for anyone wanting to visit Antwerp. As the city’s oldest preserved building, Het Steen, Antwerp has had many functions over the centuries. It has been used as a castle, prison, residence, sawmill and museum. This century-old…

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