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Explore the metro stations, Stockholm

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If you visit Stockholm, be sure to travel by metro! Stockholm’s extensive metro network, has been built since 1950 and now has more than 140 km of length and 100 different metro stations. More than 90 of these stations have been transformed into true works of art by artists and all have a unique look. One of the most beautiful metro stops is Kungsträdgarden. In fact, here you will find the longest underground exhibition in the world. The station was built in an artificial cave and painted by Ulrik Samuelson.

You can discover the most beautiful stations me bright colours, mosaics, sculptures and paintings just by buying a metro ticket and looking around carefully when boarding and changing trains. Thanks to the many works of art, travelling from A to B here is anything but a punishment.

Opening hours:

The beautiful metro stations can be admired as long as the metro runs.

Photographer: Linus Mimietz by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are some tips you need to know you are exploring metro stations!

  • The most beautiful metro stop is the one at Kungsträdgarden.
  • Besides being able to explore on your own. Is it also possible to go out with a guide, who can tell you all about the meaning of the various artworks and paintings.
Photographer: Norman Tsui by Unsplash

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