🇸🇪 Take a Fika 

Take a Fika, Stockholm

Planning to take a fika? Check out our information below!


Fika is a Swedish ritual that stands for nothing more than coffee with some goodies. In Sweden, Fika does not mean having a quick cup of coffee, but rather taking time for each other and relaxing with your coffee. Immerse yourself in the world of coffee & fika. Stockholm has plenty of hippy coffee shops, tasty bakeries with some sweetness where you can drink coffee like the best of them. Go for example for a hot cappuccino with kanelbullar (sweet cinnamon rolls), but äppelkaka or a well-stuffed smörgås is definitely also an option.

If you are in Stockholm, the daily fika cannot be missed!

Opening hours:

A Fika, you can take it at different coffee shops or bakeries. There are no set opening hours for this.

Photographer: José Jóvena by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are some tips you need to know you try Fika.

  • For a perfect Fika, you have to be at Vetekatten. This traditional bakery has several branches in the city and you can choose from dozens of delicious pastries and breads.
  • There is even a real Kanelbull Day in Sweden, on 4 October.
Photographer: Oskar Yildiz by Unsplash

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  1. Being from Sweden I’ve had Fika tens of thousands of times. Twice a day at work and at least once a day before I was working. It’s a nice little tradition that turned into a quick coffee break as I moved to the US. Fika is nicer than a coffee break.

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