Spotting azulejos

Spotting azulejos, Porto

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Azulejos are beautiful painted wall tiles that you find all over Porto. The Portuguese word ‘azulejo’ derives from the Arabic al-zulayj, meaning “small smooth stone”. Used by Arabs in the Middle Ages, these so-called Azulejos tiles were brought by the Moors in the 13th century. The Portuguese embraced the beautiful tiles and to this day they can really be seen everywhere. From the 18th century, azulejos also appeared on palaces, houses, gardens, fountains and staircases.

The most beautiful buildings to spot Azulejos in Porto are: Igreja do Carmo, Capela das Almas, Igreja de Santo Ildefonso and the hall in Sรฃo Bento station.

Opening hours:

Looking up the azulejos can be done throughout Porto and there are no specific times for this. If the azulejos are inside special buildings, there may be opening times for this.

Photographer: Alexandra Tran by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips you should know before spotting azulejos!

  • The most beautiful azulejos in Porto, can be seen on and in the hall of Sรฃo Bento station, on the outside of St Ildefonsus Church and Capela das Almas church.
  • You can find several shops in Porto where you can buy these tiles.
Photographer: Yana Marudova by Unsplash

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