St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

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St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is the second largest cathedral in the world, with its 111-metre-high dome, which you can climb for stunning views over central London. From the outside, the Cathedral is a building well worth seeing.  

But be sure to take a look inside too. Inside the Cathedral, you can descend to the crypt, where the remains of Nelson or the Duke of Wellington rest. Enjoy the architectural style, the metre-high vaults, the imposing art, it really is all splendour. Without a doubt, a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral is a must before leaving London.

Opening hours:

St Paul’s Cathedral is open from 08:30 AM to 04:30 PM every day except on Wednesdays and Sundays. On Wednesdays, St Paul’s Cathedral opens at 10:00 AM until 04:30 PM. On Sundays, the cathedral is closed for visits.

Photographer: Catalin Bot by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips you should know before you visit St. Paul’s Cathedral.

  • Your admission ticket (adult £18.00) allows you to enter the crypt, admire three galleries and have access to the dome. From here, you’ll have breathtaking views of inner London.
  • However, it is possible to attend the Choral Evensong for free.
  • If you want a great view of St Paul’s Cathedral, visit the Millennium Bridge, from here you will have the very best view of the Cathedral.
Photographer: Jonathan Chng by Unsplash


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  1. I recently visited St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, and it was an amazing experience! The architecture is stunning and the views from the inside are absolutely stunning. The only downside is that it’s very crowded, so be prepared to elbow your way through the people. But if you’re looking for an amazing religious experience, I highly recommend a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral!


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