Railay Beach

Railay Beach, Krabi

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A visit to Krabi province includes a visit to the Railay Beach peninsula. Railay Beach is an outstanding beach with beautiful features with limestone cliffs, which is only accessible by boat, giving it a secluded feel. From Railey Beach, you can also visit Ao Phra Nang Beach on foot.

Besides lazing and strolling by the beach, Railay Beach is the place to be for climbing enthusiasts. Rock climbers flock to the area for its fantastic climbing opportunities. For example, climb to Railay View Point, which is a stunning vantage point from which you can look out over the entire Railay region.

Railay Beach is a fantastically beautiful beach with an impressive rocky hinterland, but is now a well-known spot making it a crowded place full of tourists and motorboats. So don’t expect to want to stay here for long, but it’s a great destination for a day trip from Krabi.

Opening hours:

Railay Beach is a beautiful public beach where you can enjoy every hour of the day!

Photographer: Steven Watson by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips you should know before you go to Railay Beach.

  • Railay Beach can be reached from the beach in Ao Nang, with boats leaving every 5 minutes from there.
  • Because of its popularity, it is, best to visit Railay Beach early in the morning, outside peak hours. Being small, it gets crowded quickly.
  • There are a few small supermarkets but don’t be shocked by the prices compared to the rest of Thailand. The simplest things are considerably more expensive in Railay.
Photographer: Kevin Bosc by Unsplash


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