Enjoy a Tuktuk ride

Tuktuk ride, Bangkok

Planning to take a Tuktuk ride? See our information below!


A fun way to explore Bangkok is, of course, a ride in the famous tuktuks. A tuktuk is a three-wheeler where you can sit in the back. These well-known colourful, motorised three-wheel taxis are a convenient and fun mode of transport to get around town. The tuktuk drivers tear around Bangkok, taking you to all sorts of places in the city.

The tuktuk drivers can take you from A to B just like a regular taxi. But if you are planning to visit several sights in the city one after the other, you can also ask the tuktuk driver to take you anywhere throughout the day. Make very good arrangements with your driver! Start with a fixed price for the day (you can negotiate a lot on this) and agree on which places he will take you to. This saves a lot of hassle, you don’t have to negotiate the price every time, and your regular tuktuk driver is ready to go everywhere!  

Opening hours:

Tuktuk drivers have no set hours and basically drive around the city 24 hours every day!  

Photographer: Evan Krause by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips you should know before you take a Tuktuk ride.

  • A tuktuk regularly stands behind smoking cars and scooters. Therefore, protect yourself with possibly a mouth mask from the smoke and/or smog in Bangkok.
  • Taking a tuktuk ride is a great experience, but remember that the taxi (meter) is almost always cheaper.
Photographer: Lauren Kay by Unsplash


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