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Take a Cruise, Cologne

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When visiting Cologne, there is no better way to admire the city than from the water. Right across Cologne is the Rhine River, at several places in the city you can board a boat to take a beautiful cruise on the water. During a 1.5-hour boat trip, you will sail through the historic city centre and see Cologne’s best sights from a distance.

In winter, Cologne is beautifully illuminated and you will see Cologne at its most beautiful during this Rhine cruise. On board, live music is often played and you can enjoy a hot mulled wine, or cold beer, while Cologne passes you by.

Opening hours:

There are several companies around the Rhine offering cruises and they all have different opening hours. Note, however, that a cruise lasts 1.5 hours on average.

Photographer: Ramin Karbassi by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips worth knowing before you take a cruise!

  • If you take the boat, you can take multiple routes and there are also multiple pick-up and drop-off spots. So think about what you really want to see before you just hop on (a) boat.
  • Most boat trips, cost around €14.00 per person and tickets you buy at several places in the city. Enjoy!
Photographer: Florian Schmetz by Unsplash


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