Altstadt, Cologne

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If you love historical churches and museums and come to Cologne, Altstadt is the place to visit. The Altstadt is Cologne’s oldest district, located on the west bank of the Rhine. Although a large part of the city centre was destroyed by bombing in World War II, the section between Alter Markt and the Rhine was thoroughly restored afterwards. This has led to a distinction being made inside Cologne’s central district (Innenstadt) between the old historic centre (Altstadt) and the newer part (Neustadt).

In the Altstadt, you will find rustic narrow streets with traditional old houses and the famous Cologne Cathedral and the Great St. Martin. These streets are photogenic and therefore attract many visitors. 

Opening hours:

The Altstadt is a large public district, which can be visited every day of the year.

Photographer: Margo Chuloy by Pexels

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips worth knowing before you visit Altstadt!

  • The Altstadt, is the best place in Cologne for a stroll, something to eat or drink. There numerous alleys with lovely boutiques, galleries, cafés and restaurants.
  • At Christmas, Cologne’s biggest Christmas market is in the Altstadt. There are more than 160 different stalls full of handmade souvenirs, clothes, leather products and local delicacies.
Photographer: Michael Philipp by Pixabay


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