Bordeaux Cathedral

Bordeaux Cathedral, Bordeaux

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Bordeaux is a beautiful city with plenty to see and do. One of the best places to visit is the beautiful Cathédrale Saint-André. Located in the central square of Pey Berland, the cathedral is a national monument of France and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Gothic architecture is breathtaking, consisting of detailed stone sculptures, stone arches and two huge spires, the cathedral’s history is fascinating.

There are several activities to do at the cathedral. Visit the treasury, attend a service, or climb to the top of the bell tower for spectacular views of Bordeaux. To get to the top of the bell tower is a real climb, as you have to climb 231 steps.

Opening hours:

The Bordeaux Cathedral is open every day of the year. On Mondays from 03:00 PM to 07:30 PM, from Tuesday to Saturday the cathedral has two opening hours of: 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM and from 03:00 PM to 07:30 PM. On Sundays, the Cathedral is open earlier in the day! Namely from: 09:30 AM to 01:00 PM and from 03:00 PM to 07:30 PM.

Photographer: Lars Meijer

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips worth knowing before you visit Bordeaux Cathedral!

  • Bordeaux Cathedral is free to visit, but the treasure is only available on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 14:30 to 17:30 (price: € 2,00).
  • If you plan to climb to the top of the bell tower, prepare well, it’s 231 steps to the top.
Photographer: Lars Meijer


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