Hanoi train Street

Hanoi train Street, Hanoi

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The Hanoi train street, is a railway line over which trains run twice a day. Hanoi train street is located on a narrow side street between scrap yards and cafes. This world-famous train street is one of the most surprising things to see in Hanoi. The photos and videos are world-famous and you will surely have seen them passing by on the internet.

Here, you can sit in one of the cafés while looking out the window and watching a train pass by 50 centimetres away. In the Hanoi train street, people literally live on the rails. When the train arrives, residents press themselves firmly against the wall or jump into the doorway. It is an impressive sight during the day.

Unfortunately, these days the cafes on the railway itself are closed. Previously, it was possible to sit outside next to the track and feel the air pressure. Due to new security measures from the local government, this is just not allowed anymore.

Opening hours:

The Hanoi train street can be visited all year round, every hour of the day. The train usually passes the inhabited “Hanoi Train Street” at: 03:00 PM and 07:00 PM.

Photographer: Dave Weatherall by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips worth knowing before you visit the Hanoi train Street.

  • Train times change often, it is useful to check train times in advance at your hotel or hostel.
Photographer: Silver Ringvee by Unsplash

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