Trinity College

Trinity College, Dublin

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When you are in Dublin, you should definitely visit Trinity College, the university of the city. It is Ireland’s most beautiful university and one of Britain’s oldest universities. The Trinity College is a high-ranking university renowned for academic excellence. Entry to the programmes is competitive, and based on academic merit.

The University of Dublin was built in 1592 by order of Queen Elizabeth I of England and is located on the edge of the city centre. The campus grounds are free and easy to visit. As soon as you walk around here, you follow in the footsteps of famous Irish writers such as Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde, who walked here. Especially the old library is impressive to visit.

Opening hours:

The Trinity College welcomes visitors throughout the year. The university grounds have no opening hours.

Photographer: Lars Meijer

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips worth knowing before you visit the Trinity College!

  • The university grounds are free, but you must buy a ticket for the library.
  • Come as early as possible, because it gets busy quickly!
Photographer: Lars Meijer

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