Bars and hotspots

Bars and hotspots in Canggu

Are you planning to visit some bars or hotspots in Canggu? See our information below!


Canggu is full of trendy hotspots, nice eateries and cozy beach bars. You can enjoy music, a beer or a delicious cocktail here any time of the day.

If you want to try everything, you can take quite a bit of time, because one hip hotspot after another is popping up in Canggu. From taco bars to nice restaurants where you can order pokรฉ bowls, you don’t have to miss the latest culinary trends during your stay in Canggu. But in addition to all the hip beach bars and restaurants, there are also plenty of places where you can enjoy the tastiest dishes from the local kitchen for a low price.

Some of the best bars to enjoy are: The Lawn, Cafe del Mar, Finns Beach Club, Cabina Bali, Old Mans, Black Sand Brewery, The Vault and La Brisa.

Opening hours:

Each bar or hotspot has different opening times. On Saturday or Friday, most bars are open until later! See the bars’ website for exact opening times.

Photographer: Marvin Meyer by Unsplash

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few tips worth knowing before you go to bars or hotspots in Canggu!

  • The Lawn hosts a party on Fridays.
  • Black Sand Brewery, has delicious special beers. (And in the early evening, HAPPY HOUR)
  • The Vault is the place to go for house and techno beats.
Photographer: Cassie Gallegos by Unsplash

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