Hội An, Vietnam

Hội An stands for atmosphere. This picturesque town is jam-packed with attractions and has a relaxed, almost dreamlike atmosphere that makes almost everyone come here. This special place, with the narrow streets with wooden, colored houses, is an absolute must. In recent years, Hoi An has been extremely busy. Almost everyone who travels to Vietnam comes here. Few places in Asia are as atmospheric as Hoi An. Are you curious about the sights of Hội An and what there is to do? Read our best tips and tricks below!


Top 10 things to do:

#1 Visit the Old Town

Unlike many other cities, Hoi An’s old town has remained untouched during the Vietnam War. It has even been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999! There is not one point of interest that stands out, it is the total atmosphere that you experience when you walk between the colored houses. You will also find countless lanterns and other frills in these streets. When the lights come on in the evening, this gives the city a magical appearance.


Photographer: Huy Le

#2 Relax on the beach (An Bang Beach)

Besides the hustle and bustle of Hoi An, you have the beautiful An Bang beach. And An Bang beach is one of Vietnam’s most happening and enjoyable beaches. Almost at all beach bars, there is a possibility to rent a lovely bed. Due to a lack of wind, you will not see kite surfing and parasailing here. But there are plenty of rental options for boards and stand-up paddling lessons.

#3 Explore the countryside (bike or scooter)

The best way to explore the city of Hoi An and the countryside is by bike or scooter! While many cities in Vietnam seem very chaotic, in Hoi An it is a completely different story. The historic district is even car-free. An additional advantage is that you can ride or cycle to the rice fields and the landscape behind it in a very short time.

Photographer: Lars Meijer
Photographer: Kiril Dobrev

#4 Take a cooking class

Hoi An is not only known for its atmospheric streets. Almost every restaurant offers cooking classes, there are many lessons to book in the city. One is slightly different from the other. We recommend that you give it a try!

Photographer: Daniel Lee

#5 Admire the Japanese Covered Bridge

This is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The Japanese covered bridge dates back to the 18th century and is a special structure. The bridge has a length of 18 meters and was built by the Japanese who lived in Hoi An to reach the Chinese quarter on the other side of the water. The Japanese Bridge is the only covered bridge in the world with a Buddhist temple. Unlike most of the other buildings in the old town, which are decorated according to flamboyant Chinese and Vietnamese architectural styles, the bridge has retained a typical Japanese character.
It has understated decorations and references to Japanese history.

Photographer: Anna Tarazevich
Photographer: Anna Tarazevich

#6 Nipa palm forest (boat trip)

Take boat trip in one of the traditional Vietnamese basket boats. Thung Chai is the name of this round basket style boat, which is made from bamboo. From Hoi An itself you can book a trip to the Nipa Palm forest.

Tip! Later in the afternoon, tours come here that keep a complete disco on the water.

Photographer: Chester Ho
Photographer: Hoi An Photographer

#7 Have clothes made to measure

Hoi An has been important to the textile trade in Southeast Asia for centuries. There are several shops where you can have a suit or other clothing made to measure. There are several shops where you can have a suit or other clothing made to measure. Also shop around for the best prices and never depend on the recommendations of hotels or taxi drivers.

Photographer: Hoi An Photographer

#8 Visit the markets (Central market)

There are many markets in Hoi An. The Central Market of Hoi An is the most famous and most visited market. The Central Market is in the Old Town on the water’s edge and a fascinating place to visit even if you’re not shopping for food.

Photographer: Claudette Bleijenberg

#9 From Hội An to Hue (Hải Vân Pass)

When you travel from Hội An to Hue or vice versa? You will pass the famous Hai van Pass. This coastal road along the South China Sea is perfect for a road trip. The traffic is calm and the views amazing. The Hai Van Pass is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world. It is definitely recommended!

Photographer: Jordan Opel

#10 Hội An Night Market

The Hội An Night Market is located in the center of the city, just across the water from Hội An Central Market. There are over 50 local vendors selling everything from local street food, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry and accessories. It is not an authentic market with goods for the local population, but more aimed at the tourists. But this does not matter, because the atmosphere on the market is great. The 300 meter long street overlooking the river is lit by hundreds of colorful lanterns. For this reason it is also a popular market for photography.

Tip! The market is on Nguyen Hoang Street every day from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Photographer: Mario La Pergola

Top 4 Restaurants

#1 Mango Mango


Lunch, Dinner, Brunch;

Asian, Vietnamese, Healthy;

See more: @mangohoian

#2 Streets Restaurant


Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night;

Asian, Vietnamese, Healthy, International;

See more: @thestreets_hoian_restaurant

#3 Banh Mi Phuong


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night;


See more: @banhmiphuong_official

#4 Nhan’s Kitchen

Lunch, Dinner, Drinks;

Bar, Pizza, Asian, Vietnamese, Healthy;

See more: Facebook

Top places to stay

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