Bahia Palace, Marrakech, Morocco


What can you expect:

The Bahia Palace is a 19th-century palace in Marrakesh, Morocco. The palace was built by Si Musa, grand vizier of Alaouite sultan Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman and then continued and expanded by his son Si Ba Ahmed ibn Musa, grand vizier of Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz between 1894 and 1900.

The Bahia Palace is today a must-see historical museum open to the public daily and has previously hosted events such as the Marrakech Biennale.

La Bahia (The Beautiful) is an 8000-sq-metre, floor-to-ceiling extravagance of intricate marquetry, plasterwork and zouak (painted wood), and certainly one of Marrakesh most eye-popping sights.

Photographer: Tem Lyder


The entree to visit the Bahia Palace, costs around 10 Moroccan dirhams per person.

Photographer: Metierba

Opening hours:

The Bahia Palace opens its doors every day from 9 am. to 4:45 pm., including on days when members of the royal family are staying at the property.

Monday9am – 4:45pm
Tuesday9am – 4:45pm
Wednesday9am – 4:45pm
Thursday9am – 4:45pm
Friday9am – 4:45pm
Saturday9am – 4:45pm
Sunday9am – 4:45pm

The location:

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