The Dancing House, Prague, Czechia


What can you expect:

The Dancing House or the Fred and Ginger, is the nickname given to the Nationale-Nederlanden building on the Rašínovo nábřeží in Prague, Czech Republic. The construction started in 1994 and was finished in 1996.

The Fred and Ginger, it is named this way because of the towers reminding of the famous dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair. The building was awarded the prestige prize of the American Time magazine – it won the category of design in 1996. It was designed by the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in cooperation with Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry.

Photographer: Ignacio Páles

The Dancing House is famous because dancers of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are represented in the structure. The tower made of rock is used to represent Fred. This tower also includes a metal head. The tower made of glass is used to represent Ginger.

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The Dancing House, is a hotel. The price per night varies per period and per day. But you can always visit the Dancing House.

Opening hours:

The Dancing House can always be visited from outside. The most popular time to visit The Dancing House is between: 3 pm and 4 pm.

Photographer: Palu Malerba

The location:

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