Mount Fuji, Fujinomiya, Japan


What can you expect:

Mount Fuij is Japan’s most famous mountain. The distinctive mountain adorns many paintings, postcards and travel guides and has been adored by the Japanese people for hundreds of years. Experienced climbers can venture up, but trust us: the mountain is just as impressive from a distance.

The mysterious Mount Fuji is 3776 meters high and the highest mountain in Japan. For the Japanese, the mountain is sacred and is connected to god. The mountain was conquered over the centuries by many pilgrims, but nowadays Mount Fuji is mainly a tourist destination.

There are several routes up the mountain, one more difficult than the other. On a rare clear day, the view from the top is great, but then you have to be lucky.

Photographer: Pixabay


Even though Mount Fuji is a part of a national park and it’s considered a UNESCO world heritage site, there is no fee to climb the mountain.

Opening hours:

Mount Fuji is a mountain and has no opening hours. Of course, tours can be arranged in the nearby villages.

The location:

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