Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


What can you expect:

Batu Caves, one of Kuala Lumpur’s most frequented tourist attractions. It is a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. It takes its name from the Sungai Batu, which flows past the hill. Located approximately 11 kilometres to the north of Kuala Lumpur, this 100-year-old temple features idols and statues erected inside the main caves and around it. Incorporated with interior limestone formations said to be around 400 million years old, the temple is considered an important religious landmark by Hindus.

Every year during the Hindu festival of Thaipusam, the Batu Caves attract more than a million devotees and spectators. The eight-hour procession of music and ceremony leaves offerings before a giant statue of Lord Murugan, the Hindu God of War.

Expect to be entertained and possibly even harassed by a horde of Macaque monkeys that call the area home. The monkeys make great subjects for photos, but inevitably end up stealing from and even biting the occasional tourist.

Photographer: Dylan
Photographer: Alex Azabache


You have to pay an entrance fee:

Foreigners: RM 15.00
Malaysian residents: RM 7.00

Opening hours:

Monday6am – 9pm
Tuesday6am – 9pm
Wednesday6am – 9pm
Thursday6am – 9pm
Friday6am – 9pm
Saturday6am – 9pm
Sunday6am – 9pm

The location:

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