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The Parc du Cinquantenaire or Jubelpark is not only a park but a national landmark in Brussels. The name means ‘Park of the fiftieth anniversary’ and it was built during the reign of Leopold II to commemorate fifty years of Belgian independence. Symbolically, the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels is built in the shape of a pentagon, like the inner and outer rings of the city. Cinquantenaire sits just outside the inner circle, and is close to the European Quarter.

Today, the various buildings of the Cinquantenaire host three museums—the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, the Art & History Museum and Autoworld.

Photographer: Paul Deetman
Military Museum

The museum’s collection originally consisted of approximately 900 pieces collected by the officer Louis Leconte following the Great War. The museum was originally installed on the site of La Cambre Abbey and moved to the Cinquantenaire Park in 1923. Leconte collected considerable equipment abandoned by the Germans in 1918. The collection was later heavily enriched by legacies, gifts and exchanges.

Today, the museum displays uniforms, weapons, vehicles and military equipment of all ages and all countries.

Tuesday10am – 4pm
Wednesday10am – 4pm
Thursday10am – 4pm
Friday10am – 4pm
Saturday10am – 4pm
Sunday10am – 4pm
Art & History Museum

The museum consists of several parts, which includes a national collection of artifacts from prehistory to the Merovingian period (c. 751 AD), as well as a collection of artifacts from classical antiquity of the Near East, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Additionally, a collection of European decorative arts includes pieces from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, such as sculptures, furniture, tapestries, textiles, costumes, old vehicles, etc.

Tuesday9:30am – 5pm
Wednesday9:30am – 5pm
Thursday9:30am – 5pm
Friday9:30am – 5pm
Saturday10am – 5pm
Sunday10am – 5pm

Autoworld is a vintage car museum which occupies the southern hall of the complex. It holds a large and varied collection of 350 oldtimers, European and American automobiles from the late 19th century to the 1990s. These include Minervas, a 1928 Bentley, a 1930 Bugatti and a 1930 Cord, and several limousines belonging to the Belgian royal family.

Tuesday10am – 6pm
Wednesday10am – 6pm
Thursday10am – 6pm
Friday10am – 6pm
Saturday10am – 6pm
Sunday10am – 6pm

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