Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan


What can you expect:

The Taipei 101, formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a supertall skyscraper designed by C.Y. Lee and C.P. Wang in Xinyi, Taipei, Taiwan. This building was officially classified as the world’s tallest from its opening in 2004 until the 2009 completion of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE.

When you see the 101 Tower you know you are in Taipei. It is the most distinctive building in the city and can be seen from many places. If you want to see Taipei from a great height, you can also go to the top of 101 Tower, to the Observatory. Tickets can be bought on the 5th floor at 5F and then take the world record-breaking lifts to the top from there. At a speed of 1010 meters per minute you zoom to the 89th floor and it only takes about 37 seconds.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful view, you pay T $ 600 per ticket. Go up to the 88th floor to see the massive wind damper, which helps stabilize the building to withstand earthquakes. An equally impressive sight can be seen at the 91st floor observatory, accessible by stairs. Visit the theater here to learn about the construction of this imposing building.

Don’t feel like spending a lot of money on a ticket, but do you want to enjoy the view from the 101 Tower? Then you can also go to the super secret Starbucks on the 35th floor! Unfortunately, you cannot just take the elevator. First you have to make an appointment, often 2 days in advance, before you can go to this Starbucks.

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Taipei 101

Photogropher: Timo Volz


How much is the Taipei 101 Observatory ticket?

General Ticket: NT$600
Student (with valid ID): NT$540
Child (under 115cm): FREE

Opening hours:

There are several companies in the building. As a result, there are also different opening times.
You can see the opening hours of the Taipei 101 Observatory below:

Monday11am – 9pm
Tuesday11am – 9pm
Wednesday11am – 9pm
Thursday11am – 9pm
Friday11am – 9pm
Saturday10am – 9pm
Sunday10am – 9pm

The location:

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